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Just Whippets
219 London Road
Essex SS6 9DN
Tel: 01268 784242


         WCT7 Unlined Hooded
         WCT6 Unlined (Waterproof)
         WCT5 Sleeping
         WCT1 The Blizzard
         WCT3 Walking Out Coat
         WCT2 Wax Whippet
         WCT10 St. Georges England Coat
         WCT8 Single Cotton
         WCT9 Double Cotton
         WCT4 Imitation Suede
         WCT14 Cotton Lined Raincoat
         WCT15 Sun Protector Whippet Coat
           WLD1 Brass Trigger
           WLCTC1 Twin Couple (1CM)
           WLCTC2 Twin Couple (2CMs)
           WLD3 Show Leads
           WLTHN40 HARNESS (40 - 60 cm)
           WLTHN48 HARNESS (45-70 cm)
             WCOL12 Lined Collar
             WCOL2 Gold Edge Pattern
             WCOL3 Collar with Stud
             WCOL4 Black and Green
             WCOL5 Running Dog
             WCOL6 Roses
             WCOL7 Celtic Gold
             WCOL8 Stars and Moon
             WTS1 Tassels
             WCOL9 Economy Collar
             WCL2/12 Glove Leather Rolled Lead/Collar Set
             WCOL11 Quality Plain Whippet Collar
               Brass (Leather)
               Lurcher Brass
               TR35 Clock
               Italian Greyhound Watch
               ST8 Standing Whippet Sticker
               ST10 Sticker I Love Whippets
               ST11 Sticker Light Fawn Whippet
               Beware 2
             Pictures & Prints
                 Pick of the Litter
                 PR7 High Flyer
                 White and Fawn Head 9
                 PR10 Black Head
                 The Fawn Whippet
                 Puppy Days
                 PR25 The Bedlington Workers
                 With Rabbits in Mind
                 Those Were the Days
                 Trouble in Store
                 With But a Single Thought
                 Kennel Mates 12
                 Of Bedlingtons and Lurchers
                 The Favourite - By A Head
                 PR93 The Bedlington Trio by Vic Granger
                 PR92 Whippets by Vic Granger
                   WMZ1 Wire
                   WMZ2 Plastic Travel Muzzle
                     DB1957 Dog Boot
                     Rist Band
                     Ventilation Lattice
                     CLP2423 Clipper (Large)
                     CLP1 Clipper (Medium)
                     Slicker Medium
                     Slicker (Large)
                     Rake (Double Side)
                     Rake (Single Side)
                     GRA2401 Combe (All Metal)
                     GRA2431Combe (Anti Tangle)
                     GRA2410 Combe (short hairs)
                     BRS1 Glove
                     BRS2 Brush
                     Flea Killer
                     Twin Bowl Stand
                     Bowl (4.7 ltrs)
                     Bowl (2.8 ltrs)
                     Bowl (1.8 ltrs)
                     Travel Bowl
                     Flasher & Reflector
                     Yuppie Bed
                       Brynna & Mungos Dream Book
                       Whippet by Juliette Cunliffe
                     Whippet Snoods
                         Whippet Snood Reversable
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